Introducing...Chrysalis, The Collection

Introducing...Chrysalis, The Collection

Dear Faerie,

With brave wing, she flies.


 Chrysalis is a collection that has spoken to me for some time before she launched. This special collection of artwork and product honors emergence and transformation. Being born to fly. Having the courage for lift off.

 Monarch butterflies have always seemed to find their way to my side. Once during a particularly rough time, I was carefully chosen for a visit on a sixteenth floor balcony.

During a trip to an Indian reservation after a saging ceremony I sat in a teepee to listen to the tribe story, and was told that the butterfly is my spirit animal. “How are you sure,” I asked?  “Because on the walk out of the sacred path, a pair landed in front of you. You waited to pay them respect and didn’t continue on until they flew. When an animal visits you after the ritual, he is your spirit guide and yours has wings."

Later that year I was working on a creative project when a song played loud in my earbuds. “And butterflies are free to fly, so fly away. High away...”

And this wing floated onto the paper.


I love the delicate vein of a wing so embossing it on a note card to be used for a special occasion or thank you felt just right. I know that this collection -- inspired by butterflies but not necessarily covered in wings—Chrysalis, will symbolize something in your life, too. I hope these notes find their way into the hands of those who believe in self transformation and soaring toward your destination when called, but flying high away when needed. I also think you will love the other magical pieces I’ve curated here such as the terrarium necklace, and our feather sets, because each purchase you make allows me to take my dream project a bit farther into the sky. I appreciate all of your love and generous support.

After all, I myself am just a girl growing wings.