Dear Faerie - Sarah Petryk

Dear Faerie - Sarah Petryk

What do you create?

We've been doing lots and lots of gorgeous weddings @alliumfloraldesign for about 15 years now. I have a background in marketing and event planning and all of it just naturally transitioned into event floral design. I love using florals as a medium. It's always an adventure-the colors, the textures, the layering. Even the finite beauty of the blooms still feels so precious to me. So much goes into planning and creating for one perfect day for those blooms (and our couples). Last year we branched out a bit and created @adoreweddingslv where couples who are planning weddings in our area can go to find like-minded creatives and inspiration from local weddings. And finally this year we will be launching @alliumeverlasting. We wanted to design florals for our clients who need to put bouquets in suitcases and backpacks.  Our faux and dried floral line has been so much fun to create and we are blown away by how real they all look. Our recent collaboration with FAERIE was created with many of the materials we use in our designs.


What is your inspiration? 

Working in the wedding industry we get a lot of the beautiful but samesies (thanks, Pinterest), and we don't get to stretch our creativity as much as we like.  So we always love when we have an opportunity to do styled photoshoots and little side projects that allow us to create without boundaries. Travel is also so key for me.  When I leave our environment and go check out new places, it really helps me stretch how I approach projects. feel revived and want to tackle new adventures. 

What songs are you listening to right now?

Current playlist is a heavy combo of  Maggie Rogers, Aurora, Santigold, Billie Eilish, Halsey, Florence & the Machine and Adia Victoria 

Favorite person to stalk on instagram? 

Really into @couturenotebook, @saipua, @thevenuereport, @padmalakshmi, @archdigest, @madmavenstyle ....sheesh the list can go on and on…

Why does FAERIE speak to you?

We love Dallas, and it's so exciting to see a collection that is so thoughtfully and lovingly curated!