Dear Faerie - Dakota Conn

Dear Faerie - Dakota Conn

What do you create?

I make hand dyed / distressed Bandana Bolos. I am also a silversmith & make sterling silver jewelry. I also recently collaborated with the brand Disco Cowgirl to design a tee shirt.

What is your inspiration?

My grandmother & American Indian heritage are always my inspiration. I am inspired by the jewelry I inherited from her and her overall style. I have always felt very connected to her and look to her for my style inspiration.

What songs are you listening to right now?

I am not a huge fan of newer music...Tom Petty is always on my playlist!


Favorite person to stalk on instagram?

I love following fashion brands and magazine accounts. As far as actual people I enjoy watching Shay Mitchell, Ariel Charnas, & Chloe Morello’s stories.  

Why does FAERIE speak to you?

 I love the vibe & concept of Faerie. It has a magical & imaginative feel that I really appreciate.